Gospel Patrons

As pastors and leaders in the church, we are constantly faced with the challenge of leading our people to change the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Gospel. The vision of lives being changed, families being changed, communities and even countries changed is consuming, overwhelming, and exciting. We recognize that when God asks us to do what seems impossible He has resources in place to help us as we step out in fearless obedience. Often times those resources are people who are called to come alongside us in partnership to see God’s kingdom come and His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. John Rinehart calls these people Gospel Patrons and if you find your heart moved by the idea of playing a vital role in what God is doing in His church you may be one!

God has asked our church to do things that go beyond what we can accomplish on our own. Our challenge is to not limit what we believe He can do by our current resources, connections, or budget. Below you will find projects that for us seem like they would take God providing in miraculous ways. You may read further and wonder “Why would they think these small things require God to do something miraculous?” If that’s you, you may just be apart of Gods miraculous provision!

The 4K Mission Field

Our world is changing faster than we realize. Faster than the church can keep up. In the last 10 years, the way people relate to and communicate with one another has undergone the biggest shift ever in history.

We feel strongly that if the church does not acknowledge and respond to the changes we risk losing our voice as well as our influence. Our message, the gospel of Jesus Christ can never change but it is time to change our methods of sharing that Good news.

Love & Coffee Truck

Kingdom Real Estate