Partner Projects – India

There are many ways we would like to partner with our brothers and sisters at Savior Jesus Ministries in the future. We are continually asking the Lord to provide resources to expand the ministry of the Churches and orphanage in Cuddalore, India. Here are the types of things the Lord has put on our hearts to do over the next few years (not listed in any particular order).

  • Purchase a Laptop to help with communication and administrative tasks ($1,500)
  • Purchase Mattresses and bed frames to replace the current wooden boards the children sleep on. ($3,000)
  • Solar Well Pump that saves money and works independently of the unreliable power grid ($5,000)
  • Purchase a Rice Field to provide a consistent food source and possible income stream ($22,000)
  • Build a Coop, yard, and feed storage for chickens. This will provide fresh eggs and meat to supplement the children’s diet and cultivate a possible income stream ($2,000)
  • Back-up or Solar Power System that enables the ministry to operate during regular floods and natural disasters. ($10,000)

If you would like to donate any amount towards these types of projects click here.

Important Note: We cannot guarantee that your funds will be used for a particular project only that they will be used for these types of projects. We fund projects as God makes provision and we have the opportunity. 100% of donated funds will go to partner projects of some type at the Savior Jesus Orphanage or Church.

If you would like to fund a particular project fill out the form below and we would love to talk with you!