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Partnership with your church is a big deal. It will change your life. If you’ve never made this type of commitment before, make sure you take some time to read more about it below and pray about it. If you have questions email us at and we’ll talk about it.

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    Understanding Partnership

    At Legacy, we live out our belief that the Church is not a place or a program, a building or an organization. The Church is people, people who are committed to being in a personal and ongoing relationship with Jesus…together.

    We also believe that a real and growing relationship with Jesus changes our lives in incredible ways. When our lives change because of Jesus we see the lives of people around us change because of Jesus. The church (people) become effective at changing the world when the church (people) recognize that change begins with them.

    Two Parts to Partnering

    There are two essntial things that you need to partner with Legacy.

    #1 – A commitment to grow in your relationship with Jesus

    This doesn’t mean reading your bible or praying for a prescribed amount of time every day. Those things may actually happen, but not because you’re a partner at Legacy. If they happen, it will be because you are growing closer to Jesus! God is not interested in spiritual performance, achievements, or box-checking and neither are we. What we are after is helping you have an authentic experience with Jesus. One where you hear His voice, follow where He leads you, and see your life change as a result.

    #2 – A commitment to helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus.

    We are all in this together. Other partners at Legacy are trying to grow in their relationship with Jesus too. They help you and you help them. There are three principle ways we ask partners to help others grow in their relationships with Jesus.

    Be apart of a group at Legacy. There are all kinds of groups that help people grow in different ways. The best way for you to help someone else (and for them to help you) is to spend time together on a regular basis.

    Find a place to serve at Legacy. Every service opportunity in the church in some way helps people grow in their relationship with Jesus. There are tons of ways you can serve. If you don’t already have one we will help you find one that works for you.

    Contribute financially. Giving at Legacy is how we fund the mission to see people grow to understand and be like Jesus. That is the focus of everything we do and 100% of giving goes towards that goal. While we value tithing (giving 10%) at Legacy we don’t require a dollar amount or percentage to be a partner. We would rather you ask the Lord what He would have you give and make a commitment to give that amount on a regular basis.

    When we are all doing these things as a community everyone gets help and everyone grows, and we see God do unbelievable things.