We need a solution!

People need to gather together in relationships, but gathering large groups of people poses some problems. Many people are not comfortable with large gatherings – and won’t be for some time. And yet, months of semi-isolation have compelled us to realize we need in-person relationships and to be part of something bigger than ourselves. As things change from week to week gathering in large groups can become a serious liability for health, family, or work reasons. And yet, we still need connection – to worship together, grow together, and be encouraged by each other as we seek the Lord’s will and fullness in our lives.

What is a Quaranteam?

A quaranteam is a group of people you feel comfortable being around during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are people you might have identified as “safe” people. You share common practices related to face masks, sanitization, and social distancing. They are your squad. The people who have kids that you let your kids play with. The ones you invite over for dinner because you know they aren’t having dinner with everyone else in town. Basically, it’s your safe group.

How to Participate.

Quaranteams at Legacy meet on Sundays to watch the livestream, discuss the topic together, pray for and encourage each other, and maybe even share a meal. If you would like to start a quaranteam of your own with Legacy or are interested in hosting or joining a team, let us know below so we can help and support you as we learn new ways of being the Church together.

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